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Halal Asian Meal

Halal Asian Meal
The classic butter cake that everyone loves...
RM 19.00
Ex Tax:RM 19.00
Hot and crunchy fried chicken with a wholesomeness of secret ingredients.Choose your side: Fries or Salad..
RM 14.90
Ex Tax:RM 14.90
A bowl of chicken curry.4 portion...
RM 11.00
Ex Tax:RM 11.00
Spaghetti meatballs immersed in freshly picked tomatoes sauce making this dish a healthy one...
RM 18.90
Ex Tax:RM 18.90
An elegant taste of dessert yet affordable delicacies.Size: 8inch..
RM 15.00
Ex Tax:RM 15.00
A bowl of soup with fish cake, crab ball, tofu and mustard leaf...
RM 10.00
Ex Tax:RM 10.00
Come with 2 choice: Rice or Roti Canai..
RM 7.90
Ex Tax:RM 7.90
Come with 2 choice: Tuna Mayo and Beef..
RM 15.00
Ex Tax:RM 15.00
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